Monday, August 25, 2008

Shriya Saran disappointed with the failure of Mission Istanbul

Actress Shriya Saran’s Mission Istanbul has bombed at the box office, but she is happy with the way her career is shaping up.

From music videos to Tollywood to the Hindi film industry and now Hollywood, she has been climbing the ladder of success.

Back in the city for the shooting of a Tamil film Kandaswami, Shriya says, “Hyderabad is like home to me and it feels great to be here. I was at the Poison launch party and met up with all my old friends after such a long time.”

Disappointed with the failure of Mission Istanbul?

“When a film doesn’t do well, it is natural that you will feel bad. But the important thing is I have given it my 100 per cent and have worked very hard for the film,” she says.

When asked what she felt went wrong with the film, she replied, “It’s not right for me to comment on this. A film is a by-product of the energies and efforts of a lot of people. On hindsight, you can point out many mistakes, but you can never be sure about the fate of a movie from before it releases.”

Talking about her recent Tamil film, Shriya says that though it is a commercial movie, it has a poignant social message. “The film is about the economic disparity in the country — how the rich are getting richer while the poor are becoming poorer. Sushi Ganeshan is the director while Vikram is my co-actor. I had a good time doing the film. It’s a commercial film but at the same time deals with a topic that is so true of India.”