Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ram Gopal Varma to make Phoonk 2

Director Ram Gopal Varma says the idea of making his recently released horror film Phoonk came from one of the news channel.

"The idea to make a film on black magic came from a news channel. It keeps on showing various programmes on black magic. I watched various programmes on black magic and supernatural powers on the channel and approached Azam Khan with the concept. He liked it and the whole script was written," Varma told reporters.

Azam Khan's One More Thought Entertainment has produced the film.

Critics have panned the film, but Phoonk reportedly saw a good opening with 70 per cent collections. Thanks to pre-release publicity, it has been successful in drawing a considerable chunk of audience in the multiplexes. Varma celebrated the success of the film.

Commenting on the box office yardstick to measure a film's success, Varma said: "I don't know what makes a film hit otherwise I wouldn't have made flops."

"Phoonk doesn't have any big stars, still it is a hit. This shows that concept film is now being accepted in India," said Varma.

The director said idea or concept based film, which is prevalent in the West, is slowly making its way among the Indian audience and the scenario is soon going to change.

"People in India identify a film by the presence of stars. Star system rules here, but Phoonk has proved that even content and idea can give a hit. Content is the king in Phoonk. "

Now, with its initial success, the makers are even planning a sequel to Phoonk that starred Sudeep, Amrita Khanvilkar, Ahsaas Channa, Ashwini Kalsekar, Kenny Desai, Jyothi Subhash and Zakir Hussain.

"We are planning a sequel to the film, which will have a link from the point where it ended. Varma will be directing it and almost the entire cast will be repeated in the sequel titled Phoonk 2," said Azam Khan.