Monday, August 25, 2008

Salman Khan: SRK was like my brother

Salman Khan has opened his heart in an interview with NDTV news channel over his recent publicized spat with SRK.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

NDTV: I know that you have spoken about this whole Shah Rukh Khan episode I tell what happens it’s one of those thinks that you dismissed as media gossip and it started going public that kind of made it snow ball.

Salman Khan: You know what happens usually people ask this question usually the fear is this he shouldn’t stop the interview here itself. I like this. I have spoken about this we are grown up people we are not warriors we come here to work but you grow up you are thinking he is good with his friends and family I am good with my friends and family there nothing more to it just there was a fight personal khatm ho gayi baat.

NDTV: What upset you so much that you want to talk about it?

Salman Khan: Because itna sources se aa raha tha ke iss source se ye aa raha hai uss source se wo aa raha hai (there was lot coming from some unconfirmed sources) the whole thing was coming on to me that he’s done it again. Suddenly I was looking like I was misfit in society as it is I don’t have like the most amazing reputation it varies from anger to bad boy to good hearted so it’s a huge confusion. So this is something I wanted to clear and there is no point in pretending I don’t feel the need to pretend his got his point of view he is right and whatever he feels so and I am right in my own way.

NDTV: The reports were coming that you started it.

Salman: Why would I start there was no reason for me to start.

NDTV: Were you ever friends?

Salman: Yeah yeah I took him as a brother. For me he was like Sohail and Arbaaz. That’s what hurt me.

NDTV: You used to stay together I’ve heard, in days of his struggle.

Salman: Yeah he used to hang out in the house all the time. That’s why.

Well what are your verdict guys after Salman’s tell-all interview?