Friday, October 26, 2007

trip to papikondalu

I have been in some of the most interesting places in the india those places that are interesting by virtue of inherent popularity and growing tourism.... Coming from a rich historical country like India, there is also no shortage of interesting tourist sites. One great change happened to me while reading several reports , is the urge to explore the under explored...and papikondalu was the best choice to do it ..... When we chose Papikondalu for and adventure trip, little did we know about the splendour of the place. The only reason why we heard of it is due to a controversy. There is this 100+ feet height dam proposed to be built in the papikondalu range that will engulf most of the villages due to raising levels of water. An estimated 30 odd villages will be endangered due to this however it is being constructed to bring millions of acres of land into cultivation...

we set out for an exciting trip that was to take us through the splendours of River Godavari (one of the largest rivers in India, and dominant in South of India) that negotiates the lush green hills 'Papi kondalu' along its journey towards the sea 'Bay of Bengal'. We kick started our exploration in the thick forest inside the hills. we started our fascinating journey in a small motor boat in the river. The journey(to and fro ) is expected to take about 8 hours along the downward stream. One of the challenges in the journey is the face off with the drifting sand, that makes the path of the boat extremely dynamic. It is the skill and experience of the local sailors that makes the journey look easy while in reality it is very tough. Clean riven water with the reflection of lush green hills, gentle breeze flowing across the river, can be your picture perfect setting for sure. Papikondalu range is especially popular due to their co-existence with the river. Except during summer, the river is full of life with people. However, several tribal communities fill the hills with life from ages in search for their livelihood by agriculture, fishing and handicrafts. there were several sights that stand unique in their attraction. Apart from papikondalu hill range,. A walk through the village takes you up the hill to the beginning of a very exciting waterfalls. Something that we can not forget in the trip is the hospitality by the boat crew. Very modest and humble people from the village, they take excellent care of the passengers on their boat. you will get sumptuous food in middle of nowhere,
the best addition to the trip is a stay in the shores for a short period ,in the calm and serene atmosphere in the arms of Papikondalu.

OK then its time to windup.I'm running short of words and idea but trust me the trip was is so calm and refreshing that you have to try hard to get out of the boat. Time and again, it reminds us the motivation to explore the under explored..

cheers !!!