Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Aamir Khan kicks out Faisal out of Bigg Boss 2

Faisal Khan has never been in awe of his elder brother Aamir Khan and there has always been cold vibes between them but the vibes are going to get stronger day by day as Faisal believes that Aamir has made the bosses of Big Boss 2 to throw him out of the show.

Apparently Faisal believes that Aamir contacted nephew Imran Khan’s girlfriends mother who works for Network 18 (backer of Colors) and asked her to remove Faisal from the upcoming reality show.

An infuriated Faisal says, “They said I was mentally unstable and they wanted me out on those grounds. This happened after a section of the media carried reports about me being mental. I have taken them to the sessions court and will take the matter to higher courts if I am not happy with the verdict. I am being thrown out for other reasons than what they state. I know exactly who is behind all this,” adds Faisal further referring to brother Aamir.

“It’s a pattern. Aamir is hand in glove with the production house in getting me out of the show. He doesn’t want people to know the truth and people to see who the real Faisal Khan is. Imran’s girl friend Avantika’s related to people in television production and they have played their own game. But no one messes with Faisal, and there’s a limit to everything. He is messing with my professional life. I can’t let him do that. I want the public to know who I am and not believe the reports they read in the media. I wanted to do Bigg Boss because it would allow the public to see the real me. It would show everyone what Faisal Khan is made of. I don’t see myself patching up with Aamir in the near future. I don’t believe in giving up. If some one tries to put me down, I won’t sit quiet and suffer. I will hit back at anyone who messes with my personal and professional life. There is God above who will do justice and I have tremendous faith in him.”

What do you think people is Aamir really responsible for Faisal’s debacle?